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Trios Digital Impression System

Dental Impressions without Messy Putty!

dentist using Trios Digital Impression System

Many dental offices are making the transition to all digital practices. What that means is they are doing their best to limit paper waste by using digital patient files, and that the office is incorporating digital technologies to improve other areas of the practice like digital x-rays. At the Rocky River dental office of Dr. William L. Eick, we use a wide range of digital technologies to improve the patient experience. One of the most advanced digital technologies we use is the Trios impression system. Keep reading to find out more about how Trios technology improves your dental care in our office and contact our caring Rocky River dentistry team to schedule an appointment with us today.

Why Choose Dr. William Eick for Digital Impression System?

  • Patient doesn’t have to bite down into cold dental putty
  • Only takes 3 minutes or less
  • Highly-accurate impressions the first time, every time

How the Trios Digital Impression System Works

Trios Digital Impression System on TV

Traditional bite impressions use putty materials to capture a physical mold of patients’ teeth to guide the dental lab as they craft a restoration. Patients needed to bite down just right, hold their mouth in place over the putty for minutes at a time, and typically, dentists would need to redo the impression one or more times. Digital impressions allow the dentist to more precisely capture the shapes of teeth with just one simple scan. These digital scans are then visible immediately on the chairside monitors. Patients and our team can examine the impressions and use advanced software to design the perfect treatment plan. With Trios digital impressions patients spend less time in the dental chair, labs get these scans immediately, and you know your restoration will be crafted precisely to match your tooth structure. The Trios system makes it possible for our team to more accurately plan restorative and cosmetic treatments to ensure flawless results the first time – every time.

Benefits of Digital Impressions

dentist using machine on woman

The main benefit of using digital impressions is that the entire dentistry process is streamlined. In addition to the use of digital X-rays, digital impressions allow us to easily create accurate treatment plans that patients can see clearly on a chairside monitor. You are truly part of the dental planning process when we use our digital impression system. Some of the other benefits of the Trios digital impression system include:

  • Better patient experience – less time in the dental chair, no uncomfortable putty molds, and increased confidence in treatment planning that takes place chairside
  • Saved time – digital impressions are immediately transferred to the lab, which cuts back on wait time between the design of a dental restoration and the placement appointment
  • Save money – digital impressions are easier to capture and do not require the same materials and shipping costs associated with traditional impressions, and we can transfer those savings on to our patients
  • Digital accuracy – means fewer manual errors and virtually eliminates the need for retakes

When we Use Trios Digital Impressions

Trios Digital Impressions on computer

We are able to use the Trios digital impression system to improve almost any restorative and cosmetic treatment plan. By simply scanning the teeth, we are able to immediately access these impressions on our chairside computer monitor. Dr. Eick will use these impressions to create a custom treatment plan for a variety of dentistry services including:

  • Dental crowns
  • Fixed bridges
  • Partial and full dentures
  • Porcelain veneers