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Advanced Dental Technology

Precise & Comfortable Care For Local Families

digital display of teeth

Many people dislike dental visits so much that they postpone treatment and compromise their oral health. Dr. Eick and our team understand dental anxiety. We have created a warm, comfortable atmosphere where patients can receive gentle, compassionate dental care. Before treatment, Dr. Eick will review the procedure and answer any questions. Dr. Eick has selected technology that will enhance your experience in our practice.

Intraoral Camera

intraoral camera on patient

Do you find it hard to understand what your dentist is talking about sometimes because you just can’t see your teeth like they do? If so, then our intraoral camera will help this quickly become a problem of the past. With this small, camera-tipped wand, we can capture high-resolution images of your teeth and gums we can display on a monitor right in the treatment room. These will make your appointments much more transparent, and they will enable Dr. Eick to actually show you why you might benefit from a specific treatment.

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Digital X-Rays

digital x-ray on tablet

A Panorex image is an X-ray that depicts a panoramic view of your mouth, from one side to the other. This image can help the dentist understand the relationship between your teeth, jaws, and occlusion (bite, or how your top and bottom teeth fit together). When planning extensive restorative or cosmetic cases, a Panorex may be necessary in addition to intra- and extra-oral photos and digital X-rays.

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Trios Digital Impression System

digital impression system

Taking dental impressions the old way, by having a patient literally bite down into dental putty, is often uncomfortable and inaccurate, so we’ve decided to upgrade to only using digital impressions. With our Trios system, we simply scan the smile using a small device, and it takes dozens of unique images of the teeth and gums that are precisely stitched together to create one cohesive digital impression. This process is not only faster and more comfortable than the old one, but it also gives us a better quality impression, too!

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Hard & Soft Tissue Laser

soft tissue laser

As an associate fellow of the World Clinical Laser Institute, Dr. Eick loves using the latest technology to deliver even higher quality care to his patients. Dental lasers enable him to perform a wide array of procedures faster and more painlessly than ever before, from removing dental decay to eliminating gum disease bacteria to providing cosmetic gum lifts and more. No matter the treatment, the laser itself is so gentle that most patients don’t even need local anesthetic to stay completely comfortable.

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VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

oral cancer screening machine

Oral cancer screenings are a standard part of every regular checkup with Dr. Eick, and he always uses the VELscope light when performing them. It’s able to illuminate potentially cancerous cells that normally would be invisible to the naked eye, helping him catch problem areas at the earliest possible stage. Thanks to VELscope, he’s able to alert patients so they can get the follow-up care they need as quickly as possible.

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CariVu Cavity Detection System

cavity detection system

The CariVu helps us to discover cracks and cavities at an early stage, which means that we can repair your teeth with smaller restorations and better maintain the strength of each tooth. This is made possible by near-infrared transillumination technology, allowing us to see through the tooth and highlight conditions not seen with other systems. Our office is committed to making your dental experience painless and efficient, and the CariVu helps us continue to achieve this goal.

Wax Ups

wax ups

Just as an engineer creates a model to ensure that a machine will work correctly, the dentist often fabricates a wax-up model of jaws and teeth when working on more complex restorative or cosmetic dentistry cases. By building an accurate model of your mouth, we can test prosthetics, veneers, and other dental work to ensure a proper fit. You can also see what our proposed solutions will look like on the wax model, so you'll make a truly informed decision about your dental work. If adjustments are required, the dentist adapts the model to reflect changes before the case goes to the dental laboratory. Wax-ups provide us with a realistic projection of how your dental work will look and function, which results in more accurate restorations.

Air Abrasion

Air abrasion is a relatively new decay removal and tooth preparation tool that we often use in place of the traditional dental drill. This innovative system allows us to conserve more of the patient's natural tooth structure and reduce the risk of enamel micro-fracturing. Because the equipment does not produce vibration or heat, patients require little or no anesthetic. Air abrasion is quieter, faster, and more comfortable than traditional drilling.

So how does it work? Air abrasion applies the principle of kinetic energy to bombard the tooth area with a high-pressure stream of tiny aluminum oxide particles. As the particles bounce off the tooth's surface, they blast away decayed tissue and prepare the tooth for a filling. The process requires only a minute or so per tooth. Air abrasion is a popular choice for children, as well as adults.