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Emergency Dentist

Your Source for Urgent Dental Care

woman holding cheek and jaw in pain

Dental emergencies, just like any other, require immediate attention so that a bad problem doesn’t have the chance to become much worse, and at our practice, Dr. William Eick is ready to provide the immediate care Rocky River families need. If you or a loved one are dealing with a broken, knocked-out, or extremely painful toothache, just give our office a call , and we’ll work to see you as quickly as possible, scheduling a same-day appointment if necessary. We work hard to ensure that our patients never have to wait while they are in pain!

Why Choose Dr. William Eick for Emergency Dental Care?

  • Same-Day Appointments for Emergency Patients
  • More Than 20 Years of Experience
  • Dental Sedation Available to Ensure Comfort

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Woman with dental emergency in Rocky River using cold compress
  • Call and schedule a same-day appointment: When you call us, our team will do everything possible to get you seen the same day. We’re happy to offer first-aid tips over the phone ahead of your appointment to help you manage your symptoms before you arrive.
  • Complete an emergency exam with Dr. Eick: Our team will be better able to recommend treatment once Dr. Eick performs an oral exam. We may also capture digital X-rays to determine the source and extent of your emergency.
  • Review findings and providing pain relief: We’ll go over our findings with you, get you out of any immediate dental pain, and create a treatment plan personalized to your needs. We’ll make sure you’re aware of the cost and timeline associated with it so you can be as informed as possible before making any commitments.
  • Complete your future treatment: Different services will be suggested depending on your emergency. For example, we may recommend dental fillings, crowns, root canal therapy, extraction, antibiotics, or another service if needed.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Dr. Eick’s resume is impeccable, but above all else, he has more than 20 years of real world experience. In that time, he has pretty much seen and handled every emergency situation you can imagine, meaning no matter what your problem might be, you can trust that he has helped countless patients successfully navigate it before. Below, you can find tips on how to best manage your dental emergency, whether it’s a toothache, broken tooth, or something else.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Emergencies 

Dentist explaining cost of emergency dentistry in Rocky River

Because there are a wide variety of dental emergencies that can occur, the cost is difficult to determine without understanding your specific situation. The best way to know your cost is to come into our office so Dr. Eick can examine your mouth. After diagnosing the problem, he can come up with a personalized treatment plan that includes cost. We’ll always break down the estimate of your care ahead of time so you’re not caught off guard by surprise fees.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Rocky River emergency dentist performing a dental checkup

Preventing dental emergencies is always easier and more affordable compared to treating symptoms after an emergency has already occurred. For example, staying on top of routine dental checkups, brushing and flossing every day, and avoiding bad habits that harm teeth are some of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of a dental emergency.

Dental Emergency FAQ’s

Woman thinking about preventing dental emergencies in Rocky River

A dental emergency can be shocking, often leaving those affected with no idea what to do next. That’s why Dr. Eick has included the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about emergency dentistry. He wants his patients to have all the information they need to stay healthy and safe. Keep reading to satisfy your curiosity about dental emergencies.

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

Any abnormality with your oral health should be taken seriously, however, problems that stop you from doing your normal day to day activities are considered emergencies. This includes persistent pain that takes your mind off of work or driving, as well as injuries like cracked, chipped, damaged, or lost teeth. If you’re unsure, call our office. We will be able to talk through your symptoms and advise your next steps. Sometimes, what you think is a toothache can be remedied by simply flossing to remove food debris.

When Should I Visit the ER vs. the Dentist?

Dr. Eick is equipped to handle a variety of dental emergencies, but there are some situations that require an immediate ER visit. If you have uncontrollable bleeding, something affecting your breathing, a broken/fractured jaw, or large facial wounds, you should visit the hospital immediately. However, for dental emergencies like toothaches, infections that don’t affect breathing, broken teeth, lost teeth, and much more, we will be able to better care for you than a medical center.

Should Dental Emergencies Get Treated Immediately?

A dental emergency is called an emergency for a reason. Unlike many other medical conditions that get better with time, dental problems will only get worse if left untreated. For example, a simple cavity can turn into a root canal. Alternatively, a damaged tooth can lead to losing it completely. That’s why it’s vital to visit our experienced emergency dentist as soon as possible if disaster strikes.