ClearCorrect in Rocky River

If you would love to enjoy the benefits of a perfect smile, without having to endure traditional metal braces, ClearCorrect braces may be the perfect solution. ClearCorrect braces gradually shift teeth into alignment using a series of clear, removable aligners.

Adults and teens enjoy the inconspicuous nature of clear braces, as well as the convenience of a removable appliance. When you brush your teeth or eat a meal, simply remove your ClearCorrect aligner. If you're attending an important event, speaking in front of colleagues, or having your picture taken, you won't have to worry about your braces! You can keep your sophisticated image intact.

At your first appointment, Dr. Eick will take 3-D images of your mouth so that an ClearCorrect dental lab can fabricate a custom set of aligners for you. Wear each aligner for a couple weeks, then move on to the next one. Dr. Eick will check your progress when you visit our office every six weeks. With ClearCorrect braces, patients can enjoy a beautiful smile in just 12 to 18 months!

Don't wait any longer. Call today to investigate how ClearCorrect braces can straighten your smile. From our Rocky River location, Dr. Eick and our team welcome residents of Fairview Park, Lakewood, Westlake, and the greater Cleveland area. Learn more about ClearCorrect at