CariVu Dental X-Rays

To better serve patients, Dr. Eick continually adds the latest in dental technology to the capabilities of his practice. One of our most recent acquisitions is CariVu™. This convenient and lightweight cavity detection instrument by DEXIS uses the company’s patented transillumination technology to find dental caries and cracks.

With the CariVu dental x-ray device, Dr. Eick is better able to discover a cavity in the earliest stage of development. Doing so, allows us to repair your tooth with a smaller restoration and thereby conservatively maintain more of your tooth’s original structure and strength.

The CariVu handheld instrument bathes each tooth in near-infrared light that makes your tooth enamel appear transparent, while cavities and cracks absorb the light and appear darkened. Dr. Eick can actually see through your tooth and pinpoint small cavities with great precision.

CariVu is an excellent back up to digital x-rays of your teeth. If we should happen to find evidence of a cavity on an x-ray, then Dr. Eick can use CariVu to determine more precisely the extent of the caries and whether monitoring is sufficient or treatment is needed immediately. In addition, for our patients who would prefer not to have x-rays of any kind, CariVu is a reliable alternative we can use for diagnosis.

Dr. Eick, the dentist Rocky River, OH, trusts, and his staff are committed to making your dental experience painless and efficient, and the CariVu helps us continue to achieve this goal.