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Time For A Visit With Your Children’s Dentist In Rocky River

June 20, 2017

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Summer is the perfect time for your kids to see their children’s dentist in Rocky River. Make the most of the break with an appointment with Dr. William Eick.It’s Summer, and you know what that means – sunny weather, backyard barbecues, and the kids are out of school. That makes it the perfect time to schedule an appointment for your son or daughter with their children’s dentist in Rocky River. And, since Dr. William Eick’s office is open as late as 7:30PM, you’ll never need to miss work or schedule a special trip with the babysitter. Learn more about why this season is the best time to get your kids caught up on their oral healthcare regimen with an exam and cleaning.

When Should Kid’s See The Dentist?

Dr. Eick follows the guidelines of the American Dental Association and urges parents to do the same: kids should start seeing the dentist no later than age one. Why? Since kids are still developing their hand-eye coordination and they’re particularly inundated with sweet treats, they’re at a high risk for tooth decay and even gum disease. After their first birthday, children should visit Dr. Eick every six months, just like adults do.

Do My Kids Need To See A Specialist?

There’s a big misconception in dentistry and with parents that children need to see a pediatric dental specialist. This is simply untrue. As an expert with over 20 years of experience in practicing all facets of dentistry, Dr. Eick explains that pediatric dentists provides the same services as a general or family dentist including exams, cleanings, filling cavities or extracting teeth. There’s just no need to spend extra money seeing an expensive dentist who performs the same procedures as Dr. Eick, or to waste the Summer away waiting for an appointment with a different provider just because they’re labeled as a specialist.

What Can I Do To Help My Kid’s Get Ready For Their Appointment?

Since we have so much experience treating youngsters, Dr. Eick recommends these strategies to help kids become excited about their appointment and to calm any of the fears they might have about seeing a new type of doctor:

  • Watch cartoons, read stories, and using coloring book pages and activity worksheets to make the idea of the dentist fun.
  • Never blindside your child with a dental appointment – instead, let them know well in advance and remind them about it frequently in a positive manner. Use phrases like, “Are you excited to fight the cavity monsters with your superhero dentist?” or “You’re going to have so much fun with all the bubbles from the toothpaste at the dentist!”
  • Be a good example and schedule your appointment at the same time as your kids, and brush and floss right alongside them – twice a day, for two minutes each time.

So, since Summer is the most convenient time for your kids to visit your dentist in Rocky River, schedule an appointment with Dr. William Eick today!



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