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To Avoid a Root Canal Rocky River Residents Visit Dr. William L. Eick

November 6, 2015

man with a tooth ache needs the root canal rock river residents trustRoot canal infection, like many oral health issues is more devastating because these infections are usually preventable. At Dr. William L. Eick’s Rocky River, OH dental practice, we emphasize preventive dentistry to avoid extensive procedures such as root canal therapy. When the alternative is an extracted or severely compromised tooth, root canal therapy is a safe, effective means of preserving dental structure. Most root canal infection occurs due to tooth decay or trauma, and in both cases, there are typically steps that can be taken to avoid the necessity of root canal treatment.

What is Root Canal Infection?

Root canal infection is a result of decay or infection that reaches the interior part of the tooth, pulp. The name root canal infection actually refers to the most common access point of the decay. Decay is able to quickly access the interior of the tooth through the thinner, more fragile root canal. The root canal also houses the nerves of the tooth that cause much of the pain associated with root canal infection. Thus, rather than being referred to as a pulp infection, this oral health concern and its treatment were dubbed root canals. Root canal infection is typically a result of other oral health concerns that are left untreated including tooth decay, gum disease, trauma and abscessed teeth.

How can Rocky River Dental Patients Avoid Root Canal Therapy?

The best way to avoid root canal therapy is to maintain oral health every day by developing good oral hygiene habits.

  • Daily brushing and flossing are the best way to keep teeth healthy and free of decay-causing bacteria that lead to infection.
  • Visiting the dentist once every six months, or more often as recommended by your Rocky River dentist, allows our skilled dental team to diagnose and treat decay and infection before they lead to root canal infection.
  • Avoid dental trauma by wearing mouth guards while playing sports, or night guards during sleep if you struggle with bruxism (tooth grinding and clenching).
  • Visit the dentist at the first sign of concern. If you experience dental pain, discomfort or sensitivity in the same area for several hours, call to schedule an appointment.

Find out More from Your Dentist Rocky River

If you’re concerned you may have tooth decay, gum disease, or any other oral health concern, don’t wait. Contact Dr. Eick and the Rocky River dental team today. Our dentistry team is happy to help you diagnose and treat any dental health concern, or establish a plan to maintain optimal oral health.

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