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Rocky River tooth fillings repair decay and restore aesthetics

December 15, 2015

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Rocky River tooth fillingsTooth fillings in Rocky River restore decaying teeth. Lifelike and metal-free composite material brings tooth structure back to full form and function.

What’s the big deal about a little cavity? Plenty is the answer. Sticky plaque and hard tartar from the foods we consume harbor acid-secreting bacteria that eat holes in the mineral matrix dentists call tooth enamel. Rocky River tooth fillings restore teeth to their structural best.

Why do cavities form?

Cavities, or dental caries, form for many reasons. Many individuals simply have “soft” enamel, a genetic predisposition toward tooth decay, or enamel thins over time. Others simply do not take care of their teeth, brushing inefficiently and infrequently and ignoring flossing altogether. Some people do not value the semi-annual dental check-ups and cleanings Dr. William L Eick, Rocky River Dentist, recommends.

As a result, sticky plaque and hard tartar accumulate on and between teeth and at the gum line. Whatever brushing and flossing miss certainly sets the scene for tooth decay.

Why not leave it alone?

In general, tooth decay gets worse. While dental caries at its very earliest stages may reverse as tooth enamel appropriates supplemental fluoride or minerals from our own saliva, most decay progresses.

If unchecked and not repaired, it advances deeper into tooth structure, invading root canals and infecting soft pulp. Deep cavities cause toothache pain, hot and cold sensitivity and fracturing of enamel and roots. In many cases, the dentist recommends root canal therapy to preserve the tooth.

In addition, dentists treat cavities in baby teeth to avoid pain and infection. It’s important to preserve these young teeth as long as possible to avoid tooth drift and to ensure adult teeth enter the mouth properly aligned.

Cavity repair

Your Rocky River dentist uses state-of-the-art laser dentistry to prepare small cavities to receive tooth-colored fillings. Laser dentistry employs short bursts of very focused light energy to remove diseased tooth structure, leaving only healthy enamel.

Laser dentistry is very conservative, removing less intact tooth structure and requiring no drilling. Also, Dr. Eick uses composite resin filling material.  Tooth-colored and composed of acrylic and glass, composite resin bonds exceptionally well to existing tooth structure.

Dr. Eick builds the filling in layers and bonds the material to the tooth with a special curing light.The Academy of General Dentistry says that the bond between tooth and filling requires far less preparation than traditional drilling methods and the tooth is less likely to break or feel temperature sensitivity.

For advanced decay, or when a tooth has multiple restorations, Dr. Eick may advise a full porcelain crown or partial crown, also termed an inlay or onlay, depending on how much tooth structure is involved. Custom-made for perfect fit and form, these tooth-colored restorations cover and support remaining healthy tooth structure above the gum line and keep decay from advancing.

Do you have a cavity?

You may or may not have symptoms; so, it’s best to get to Dr. William L. Eick and his staff for a dental check-up. Contact the office today for your routine appointment.

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