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Rocky River, OH teeth whitening safely brightens smiles

January 2, 2016

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Rocky River, OH teeth whiteningAt-home teeth whitening changes tooth color better than OTC products. Rocky River, OH whitening from Dr. William Eick safely produces great results.

You look at your smile in the mirror and realize it’s time for a change. Your tooth enamel is so dark and dingy. What’s the best cosmetic dental treatment? It may be teeth whitening from Rocky River, OH dentist, Dr. William Eick.


What happens to our tooth enamel?

Just like other really hard surfaces such as concrete, tooth enamel is actually porous and easily penetrated by darkly colored organic materials. Common tooth stainers are:

  • dark foods such as blueberries, strawberries, soy sauce, carrots and curry
  • darkly colored beverages such as black tea, red wine, cola, cranberry juice and coffee
  • cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco
  • some prescription antibiotics and antihistamines

The mineral matrix we call tooth enamel holds this organic material, particularly when people do not routinely brush and floss their teeth. Plus, as we age, tooth enamel thins, revealing deeper, and very yellow, dentin.

Rocky River, OH teeth whitening improves color

Stained teeth brighten with professional teeth whitening from your Rocky River, OH dentist. For many reasons, professional teeth whitening in the office or at-home works better and is safer than over the counter whitening trays, strips and pastes purchased at the drugstore or online.  The key is professional supervision of a dental grade whitening gel.

Dr. Eick uses the Rembrandt Sapphire system for in-office whitening in just about an hour. It bleaches teeth to a stunning 8 shades brighter using dental grade hydrogen peroxide gel fully activated by an ultraviolet light. Dr. Eick’s staff applies the gel, carefully protecting the gums and allowing the gel to lift out stains.

For at-home application, Dr. Eick provides custom-made whitening trays filled with a less concentrated version of the whitening gel. The patient wears the trays according to Dr. Eick’s instructions for a specific amount of time daily. In just about 2 weeks, the patient enjoys results similar to the in-office version.

Better than store-bought whitening

Dental professionals find a number of problems with whitening products from drugstores or shopping malls. First, these products may not whiten teeth effectively when stains are stubborn. Tobacco staining on the front teeth are particularly difficult to remove. Second, unsupervised products can cause tooth and gum sensitivity as the bleaching solution dribbles on gums because of improper application or poorly fitting, one-size-fits-all trays.  Finally, at-home gel may be weakened by a person’s saliva. With professionally fitted trays, gel gets to the tooth enamel and stays put.

A beautiful smile that lasts

Dr. Eick’s whitening patients maintain their healthy, bright smiles with touch-ups, diligent oral hygiene and professional cleanings at Rocky River Dentistry. Smoking cessation and limiting staining foods and beverages helps, too.  If you are contemplating a smile change, contact Dr. Eick’s staff today to arrange your own cosmetic dentistry consultation.

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