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How your Rocky River, OH sedation dentist eases fear

April 4, 2016

Dental phobia is a big problem. If you need help with fear, think about sedation dentistry from Dr. William Eick, Rocky River, OH sedation dentist.

Research estimates show that tens of millions of adults in the United States have some degree of dental phobia. Dental phobia exhibits as symptoms of panic and anxiety (such as sleeplessness and palpitation) so severe that people postpone dental appointments or simply stop going to the dentist. Your Rocky River, OH sedation dentist, Dr. William Eick, desires to stop dental phobia in its tracks so patients enjoy vibrant oral and systemic health for their lifetimes.

What happens to people with dental phobia?

Dental fear frequently originates in something very significant to the individual. For example, frightened patients avoid the Rocky River dentist because:

  • They have overactive gag reflexes or very sensitive teeth.
  • They have had painful or frightening experiences at another dental office in the past.
  • They hate the idea of someone seeing how they have neglected their teeth.
  • Back issues, neck pain or other physical limitations restrict their ability to sit still in the dental chair.
  • Claustrophobia or autonomic fear responses, similar to post-traumatic stress disorder, take over.
  • They dislike needles, dental instruments and the sights and sounds of a dental office.

What can be done to ease the fear?

Even the kindness and skill of a dental team such as Dr. Eick and his assistants aren’t always enough to dispel anxiety. So, Dr. Eick offers sedation dentistry, in addition to local anesthesia, or pain injections, to numb the areas undergoing treatment. In particular, Dr. Eick uses nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to confer a relaxed feeling to his nervous patients.

Dentists have used nitrous oxide literally for generations. The dentist administers the gas through a nasal mask which fits snugly, but comfortably, over both sides of the patient’s nose. As the gas flows through the mask, the patient breathes normally, and gradually relaxes, with full sedative effect taking about 5 minutes.

The individual may feel some tingling in his or her extremities. However, the biggest effects are complete relaxation–sometimes to the point of euphoria. That’s where the term “laughing gas” originates.

Dr. Eick adjusts the gas flow up or down during treatment as needed, and after dental work is completed and the gas turned off, the patient returns to normal right away. In fact, most people drive themselves home from their visits and experience no “hangover” effect afterwards.

Because of its long track record of successful use, nitrous oxide remains a sedative of choice. Most frequently a 30/70 nitrous oxide/ oxygen mix, laughing gas is even safe for people compromised by heart disease and diabetes.

Talk it through with Dr. Eick

The best way to overcome dental fear is to consult with your sedation dentist in Rocky River, OH. Dr. Eick and his team are very understanding about dental phobia and simply want you to get the dental services you need. The dentist will thoroughly explain your sedation dentistry options, too.

Why not contact his office staff today to arrange a personal consultation? Dental fear stops with excellent sedation dentistry!

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