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Reasons for tooth extractions from Rocky River, OH Dentist

January 2, 2016

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Rocky River, OH dentistRocky River, OH dentist, William Eick, performs tooth extractions comfortably and quickly. Learn why this general dentistry procedure may be necessary.

Do you dislike the idea of losing a tooth? Rocky River, OH dentist, Dr. William Eick, does all he can to preserve healthy, complete smiles. Sometimes, though, tooth extraction is unavoidable. Learn the whys and hows of tooth extraction, including wisdom teeth removal.


Why extract a tooth?

Sometimes a tooth is damaged beyond repair because of extensive decay, infection or traumatic injury. Through oral examination and x-rays, Dr. Eick determines if he can save a tooth through root canal therapy or other restorative procedures. If the answer is no, tooth extraction in his Rocky River, OH office is the answer.

Other reasons for extraction include:

  • preparation for dentures (removal of the last remaining teeth in the top or bottom arch)
  • preparation for orthodontic treatment when primary or secondary teeth crowd and misalign existing teeth or do not allow new teeth to fully erupt
  • accident that cracks a tooth or knocks it from its socket
  • failed root canal therapy

In addition, wisdom teeth often present problems for older teens and young adults. These third, or backmost, molars normally erupt by age 25 and can be:

  • impacted under the gum tissue or within the jaw bone
  • misaligned, coming into the mouth crooked
  • a nuisance to neighboring teeth, crowding and pushing them out of alignment
  • infected and painful

While some wisdom teeth extractions require referral to an oral surgeon, Dr. Eick performs many routine extractions right at Rocky River Dentistry with local anesthesia (pain shot) to numb the area and/or nitrous oxide, also called “laughing gas.” Detailed, very low radiation digital x-rays give Dr. Eick an accurate, clear view of the tooth, roots and surrounding bone to facilitate pulling the tooth.

Tooth extraction and after care

After ensuring patient comfort, Dr. Eick carefully rocks the tooth back and forth to loosen it in its socket. He then pulls it with a special extractor, cleanses the site and places a few sutures to close it. The patient gently bites on sterile gauze to help blood clot formation.

At home, patients should rest for the rest of the day and take over the counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen as directed by Dr. Eick. He or she should avoid hot or hard foods and stick with a soft diet for a day or 2. Additionally, the patient should not rinse or brush until the next day and must avoid drinking with a straw or smoking as these may provoke additional bleeding.  After a week or so, the patient returns to Rocky River Dentistry for suture removal.

Get it done expertly

Dr. Eick and his staff gently and competently remove wisdom teeth and perform other necessary tooth extractions in their beautiful Rocky River, OH office. If tooth removal is in your future, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Eick to set-up your consultation. He will take the time to explain the procedure and after care, too.

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