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We Offer Comfortable Root Canal Treatment For All of Our Patients

September 11, 2015

A root canal can restore a tooth that has been infected.Many people have heard of a root canal before but knowing why a patient is in need of one is often confused. Tooth decay is a constantly trying to hold your teeth ransom. Brushing and flossing help tooth decay from overpowering your teeth, as well as coming in for a general checkup. However, there may be tooth decay that you’re missing during your brushing and flossing routine or you simply can’t see it because it’s located in a hard-to-see area of the mouth. When tooth decay becomes excessive, it can invade your tooth and leave your oral health in shambles.

At our office in Rocky River, OH, we offer gentle root canal treatment for patients that are experiencing extreme tooth pain caused by excessive tooth decay. A cavity is the most common result of tooth decay that hasn’t been properly treated. Though they vary in size and scope, cavities all share the same tooth-destroying properties that can leave your oral health hanging in the balance. Dr. Eick is the dentist Rocky River residents can trust to deliver maximum comfort for a deep cavity. Root canals are a common procedure and shouldn’t be feared. We’re well aware of the stereotype root canals receive, but technology has advanced over the years to where treatment isn’t painful.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is required treatment for a tooth that has been badly damaged by tooth decay. Infections are a common result if nothing is done about a deepened cavity. If a cavity hasn’t reached the pulp and nerve then other treatment may be recommended. If, however, the pulp and nerve become infected, a root canal is necessary.

The process is lengthy but provides restored comfort and functionality back to your mouth. It begins with Dr. Eick removing any and all signs of decay and infection from the damaged tooth’s nerve and pulp. If the damage is extensive, the entire pulp will need to be removed as well as any infected nerve tissue. Once the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned, the open space will be filled with a composite material that retains your tooth’s natural color.

Why is a Root Canal Important?

First off, they can save you money in the long run. An infected tooth has to be extracted, which then results in pricey treatment for replacing a missing tooth. Dental implants are the usual treatment for missing teeth, and they aren’t cheap.

Secondly, a root canal saves your tooth from infection. An infection can be detrimental for your oral health, as well as your overall health. It can spread to the jawbone and infiltrate the gums around the damaged tooth. This can result in many oral problems you simply don’t want to experience. A root canal nips infections in the bud for good.

Root canals are available for patients of any ages, though young kids are encouraged to see a pediatric specialist in case they are in need of one. Technology has advanced so much that practically anyone at any age can receive root canal treatment. It’s a root canal Rocky River residents of all ages can benefit from.

Schedule Your Root Canal Today

If you have a deep cavity that is causing issues like severe tooth pain, sensitive teeth, or excessively bleeding gums, it may be time for root canal therapy. Our dental staff is ready to bring comfort back to your mouth with our excellent root canal treatment. Dr. Eick is the cosmetic dentist Lakewood, Westlake and Linndale residents can trust.





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