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Dr. Eick is your root canal dentist in Rocky River, Ohio

February 2, 2016

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root canal dentist in Rocky River, OhioSave an ailing tooth with painless endodontic therapy. Learn how Rocky River, Ohio root canal dentist, William Eick, does this reliable procedure.

Avoid tooth extraction and save an ailing or injured tooth with root canal therapy from Rocky River, Ohio dentist, Dr. William Eick. A traditional restorative dental treatment, root canal, or endodontic, therapy removes diseased soft pulp from the interior canals or chambers that extend from a tooth’s crown down each root.

The details of root canal therapy

The soft pulp inside each tooth contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue that played a role in earlier tooth development, but in the adult tooth, really serves no active function. When extensive decay, injury or infection compromise tooth health, a root canal procedure preserves the hard structure but cleans and disinfects the chambers and removes infected interior pulp.

Dr. Eick determines need for root canal therapy by:

  • reviewing the patient’s symptoms (pain, swelling, gum tenderness)
  • taking and viewing x-rays to get a complete picture of tooth structure
  • performing a complete oral examination

With need established, the Rocky River dentist usually uses simple local anesthesia (pain shot) to perform the one-hour procedure. Other sedative options are available, however.

The dentist starts by drilling a tiny hole into one of the up to 4 interior canals. He removes the diseased material using a series of small, specialized files, beginning with the smallest instrument first. He cleans and disinfects the area and instills anti-microbial medication to heal or prevent infection.

Dr. Eick fills the root canal with a rubbery material called guttapercha. This seals and strengthens the chamber. He proceeds to the other canals as necessary and finally, places a temporary filling over the tooth. The patient eats a soft diet for a day or 2 and uses over the counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen to control any minor discomfort.

After a week or 2 of healing, the patient returns to Dr. Eick for installation of a permanent porcelain crown. This natural-looking restoration replaces the damaged tooth structure above the gum line and provides full dental function and great aesthetics. The crown finishes the root canal procedure.

Teeth restored with endodontic therapy last for years symptom-free and retain their natural alignment and function. Root canal therapy remains a great alternative to extraction and expensive tooth replacement procedures such as bridgework. Plus, natural teeth maintain best biting, chewing, and speech along with gum and bone health.

Don’t delay

If you are concerned about the health of a tooth, find out if modern root canal therapy is right for you. Rocky River, Ohio dentist, Dr. William Eick, and his team will recommend what’s best for your oral health and attractive smile. Contact the office for a consultation.

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