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Dentist in Rocky River Embraces TRIOS Technology for Superior Care

September 4, 2017

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Dental exam When it comes to visiting your dentist in Rocky River, you deserve to benefit from superior services. In addition to the dentist’s experience and qualifications, the care you receive is also supported by state-of-the-art technology. Among one of the latest advancements involves the use of the TRIOS Scanner. This allows for digital impressions for accurate and precise results when diagnosing and treating. Now, you can say good-bye to messy, uncomfortable traditional impressions and experience the convenience and comfort of 3D impressions.

Experience the Difference with TRIOS

TRIOS is a digital impression solution that uses an intraoral scanner to produce fast, easy, and comfortable color impressions. The innovative system resolves many of the challenges and complications that are associated with traditional methods. It provides more efficient and precise documentation for diagnosis and treatment by seamlessly integrating into an array of dental aspects, such as same-day dentistry, to enhance patient services.

No More Messy Impressions

Now, you do not have to hold a foul-tasting and uncomfortable material in your mouth. Your teeth are quickly scanned without any pain or discomfort, which is perfect for those with a strong gag reflex or severely damaged teeth.

Save Time and Money

You will save time by reducing how long you spend in the chair, which also helps reduce dental costs. The scanner is fast and cost-effective while the digital accuracy helps to eliminate errors so there is less need for retakes. This also allows for more same-day services for added convenience.

Enhanced Comfort

You will enjoy an improved office experience, as well as a higher level of comfort. In fact, patients have come to strongly prefer the 3D technology when compared to conventional dental impressions because it is comfortable and takes a matter of minutes. The scanning is fast and easy for both the dentist and the patient to reduce the amount of time you need to spend in the chair.

Accurate and Precise Results

There is a higher level of accuracy when used to take impression for a single tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire arch. The exceptionally detailed digital impressions feature lifelike colors to help with an effective diagnosis and treatment plan.

With built-in measurement tools, details are enhanced, which are more reliable than relying on the naked eye alone. The images can be easily viewed on a large computer or TV screen with zoom-in abilities. Since they are digital, they also allow for easy documentation for future reference or sharing with specialist or your insurance company.

Benefit from the Best Technology

When it comes to your dental care, you deserve to benefit from the best. Choose a modern practice that embraces the latest technology to transform your dental experience.

About Dr. William L. Eick

For more than 20 years, Dr. William L. Eick has provided advanced dental services due to his exceptional qualifications and the use of elite technology. This allows him to provide a higher quality of care while enhancing his patients’ comfort. If you have any questions about TRIOS technology, contact our office today to speak with Dr. Eick.

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