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Unmatched Advanced Technology by Your Dentist in Rocky River

March 27, 2017

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Your dentist in Rocky River offers cutting-edge technology in our office to local patients and to those in surrounding areas. There are a lot of people that avoid proper dental care by postponing their appointments. Why would patients put their health at risk? Unfortunately, there are many offices that make visiting the dentist unpleasant, lengthy, and downright anxiety-inducing. At the office of Dr. William L. Eick, we have created a comfortable, safe atmosphere where patients can receive the preventive care they deserve with the speed and safety they need. Dr. Eick, your modern dentist in Rocky River, offers various innovative treatments including CariVu, Velscope, and digital x-rays to keep us two steps ahead of dental issues you may be facing.

Advanced Preventive Dentistry

As a general dentist, Dr. Eick will help you maintain your fantastic smile safely and conveniently. Dr. Eick had graduated from Ohio State University College of Dentistry and has been practicing for over 20 years. He continues to educate himself on new dental advances to give his patients the best comprehensive care. Our office knows the importance of staying up to date with the most advanced technology, especially when it comes to critical preventive care.


Our new instrument CariVu helps Dr. Eick to discover cracks and cavities in your teeth at an extremely early stage, meaning we can repair your teeth with smaller restorations. We can better maintain the strength of each tooth earlier than ever! CariVu allows us to see through the tooth and highlight alarming conditions that other dental technologies cannot see yet.


Thanks to our new technology, Dr. Eick can quickly and painlessly screen for oral cancer. This is revolutionary! Oral cancer is often detected in later stages and leads to a higher mortality rate. Now that we have Velscope, we can detect abnormalities with a short screening from blue spectrum lights that illuminate concerning areas. If you catch oral cancer during the early stages, the condition has an 80 to 90% cure rate!

Digital X-Rays

Digital photography allows our office to clearly identify all external and internal dental problems. One of the best parts of this technology is that it increases the patient’s understanding on where their oral health stands. We can directly translate the information we find onto a large, accurate image on a chairside monitor that patients and doctors can study together. Our doctor cares about providing easy to understand, convenient, safe dental services and digital x-rays do just that. The worst part of traditional x-rays was the high amounts of radiation that patients were exposed to. Now, digital x-rays put off 90% less than traditional x-rays! Not only that, but since the procedure is computerized, we are able to store the images efficiently in our online filing system and accurately reproduce them whenever you need them for insurance purposes, referrals, or further patient education.

Visit Our Modern Office

Our office in Rocky River offers unparalleled benefits over traditional offices: convenience, safety, and most importantly great opportunities for prevention and patient education. Dr. Eick has the much more technology than just mentioned above that will enhance your dental experiences. Call today to schedule a comfortable, innovative dental visit at our Rocky River location. Dr. Eick welcomes patients from Fairview Park, Lakewood, Westlake, and the greater Cleveland area.

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